COH - PLC sits up front
Someone is called on to report on any activities like a camp out and a detail about what they did. Any activities and what they completed.

Talked about workers weekend. - MaKaJan again in detail

Troop 156 Glenview

Triple crown three received this award

Scout of the month!

Acknowledge all leaders and what they have done specifically 

All boys have name tags

When talking about Eagle Scouts talk about other accomplishments school church other activities 

Scout master feathers - wrote COH script,  extra ordinary job done.  SPL well done, better set good example, arrow of light reps - this is their den Chiefs they have several. 

Feathers go to scouts and leaders

Announcements done by boys - parade

SPL announces new PLC

Move COH to announce new PLC -  did official swearing in by flag. Hold the flag pole like it! 

SPL sits down and New SPL takes over for the rest of the meeting and announces his new PLC who stands

Merit badges at the end, stand when name called - pick up at end of meeting 

Custom MaKaJawan t shirts

Very well behaved 

At the end all scouts stand in a line

Closed wit bugle lights out and a call.  

Very nice.


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