1Michael LubashNovember 3, 2009Build Veterans Memorial in Lehmann Park
2Zachary TiptonApril 15, 2010Repair woodwork and trim on Lake Villa Metra Station
3Geoffrey ZiemannJune 10, 2010Repair/Rebuild cemetery fence
4Kevin CoiaDecember 30, 2010Mark Lake Villa street drains
5Thomas SeabrightDecember 8, 2011Retire 500+ US flags
6Alexander FurlongDecember 8, 2011Build flagstone patio and seating bench at Lehmann Mansion Park
7Nicholas PetersonOctober 4, 2012Build walkway and refurbish playset and swings at park in Savanna Springs subdivision
8Shaun KukulkaDecember 6, 2012Build garden and seating area at Lake Villa Post Office entrance
9Anthony GoecknerJanuary 9, 2014Build pavilion at Thelen Park
10Ryan TiptonFebruary 20, 2014Build bridge connecting Prairie Trail subdivision and Grant Woods
11Anthony MurrayAugust 14, 2014Collect 800+ pounds of toiletries for Open Arms Mission
12Riley GriffinOctober 22, 2014Build picnic benches and sow grass seed at Thelen Park
13Danny KrzyvonOctober 23, 2014Repaint bathrooms and ceiling tiles at Lake Villa VFW
14Thomas FurlongNovember 20, 2014Repaint fire hydrants in Painted Lakes subdivision
15Justin EhrenhoferDecember 18, 2014Build picnic benches at Northern Illinois Conservation Club
16James StefoFebruary 12, 2015Plant trees and shrubs at nursing home
17Taylor WinklerMarch 19, 2015Lay mulch and install french drains at downtown Antioch gazebo
18David GoecknerAugust 18, 2015Build walkway at Thelen Park
19William JaegerOctober 5, 2015 (earned in S.C.)

20Joshua MagriMay 17, 2016Refurbish/Build shooting tables and benches at Conservation Club of Kenosha County
21Eduardo TapiaMarch 9, 2017Build walkway at Thelen Park
22Gunnar BreneisenMarch 9, 2017Collect toiletries, clothing, and necessities for veterans at Winchester House
23Chase WinklerMarch 9, 2017Repair walkway, apply mulch ,trim trees, and build seating bench at Antioch park
24Nathan EhrenhoferOctober 26, 2017multipurpose campsite (fire pit, picnic tables, flagpole) at Conservation Club of Kenosha County.
25Nick GoecknerMarch 17, 2018Build playset at Thelen Park
26Dravin NaramoreApril 5, 2018Build flag retirement firepit at Lake Villa VFW
27Braedon NaramoreMay 21, 2018Restore fence at Lake Villa VFW
28Max KriegerMay 21, 2018Design, cast, and create PSA video for teens
29PJ ColemanAugust 16, 2018Construct shotgun protection frames at Conservation Club of Kenosha County
30Joe ColemanJune 4, 2019Refurbish/Build shooting tables and benches at Conservation Club of Kenosha County
31Walker WinklerOctober 20, 2020Antioch park cleanup, plantings and mulch

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