Synching with your Personal Calendar

I got this info from another troop, I hope it works!  D.M.

The new Troop website has the ability to automatically share the calendar with any ICS compatabile calendar system.  By setting this up as items are added to the Troop calendar they will automatically show up in your personal calendar.

Google, Yahoo, and many standard calendar system support ICS calendars so it is likely your electronic calendar system supports this standard.

The directions for adding this the troop calendar to iPhones and iPads is below.  If you figure out how to add it to other devices please let us know so we can share that information.

For Google

For Apple:

Go to Settings...Mail, Contacts, Calendar...Add Account...Other...Add Subscribed Calendar...
Server -
Description - Troop 323
UserName - <leave blank>
Password - <leave blank>
User SSL - On
Remove Alarms - Up to you

·         On - Your device will alert you to all events based on the alarms set on the Troop website.

·         Off - All alarms will be ignored.

For Microsoft Outlook: Use this link from the same machine with outlook on it.  Webcal://